V2 Wrinkle Cream

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Synergistic product with V10 Oleogel for treating skin ageing

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Synergistic product with V10 Oleogel for treating skin ageing


  • Blend of unsaponifiable fractions
  • Hydrolysed product of fibronectin oligopeptides
  • Mixture of essential fatty acid polyglycols (mainly rich in linolenic acid)
  • Hydrolysed mucopolysaccharides, Vit. B6, D panthenol, Alpha-tocopherol


  • Product rich in active ingredients with high nourishing power
  • It is most effective used in association with the V10 Oleogel

Indicazioni V2 Crema Antirughe

  • It provides the skin with a very rich set of active ingredients necessary for anti-ageing activity when used in association with V10 Oleogel
  •  Ancillary product, synergistic with V10 Oleogel
  • It does not replace nor can it be replaced by V10 Oleogel

How to use

  • For the treatment of skin ageing, in the evening, at least one hour before going to bed, cleanse the face with V4 cleansing milk and apply a quantity of V10 oleogel, massaging gently for a few minutes to improve absorption, then apply v2 on the same area on which you applied v10
  • For the quantities to be used, see “anti-ageing treatment

Treatments where the product is present

Anti-ageing treatment

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