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It solves a thousand daily problems quickly, including difficult and resistent situations.

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It solves a thousand daily problems quickly, including difficult and resistent situations


  • Blend of unsaponifiable fractions (international patents)
  • Zinc oxide


  • Effective activator of vessel and tissue trophism
  • Regulates inflammatory, infectious and degenerative processes due to immune response dysregulation, especially if these processes are chronic, relapsing and resistant
  • Adjuvant for rejuvenating and normalising processes of vascularisation altered by pathological processes
  • Activator, normaliser of repair processe
  • Moisturiser for activating endogenous hydration mechanisms

Indicated for


  • In older people
  • Associated with skin rashes
  • Atopic
  • Xerosis


  • Allergic or Irritative
  • Sub mammary
  • Nappy/incontinence pad
  • In diabetics
  • Folliculitis, relapsing and resistant
  • Inguinal rashes and sports rashes in areas subject to rubbing

Vascular problems:

Cracks between the fingers and toes

Burns and scalds

Skin problems as a result of being bedridden, bedsores

How to use

  •  Apply the product to the affected area and the surrounding area  2 times a day and rub in by massaging gently. If the problem affects the limbs, apply the product on the affected area and the whole leg from the knee down 2 times a day.
  • For vascular problems of the limbs, do cycles of one month several times a year.
  • In all other cases, continue for one or two weeks after the problem is resolved.

Treatments where the product is present

Telangiectasias treatment


Swollen legs treatment

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