Telangiectasias treatment

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Treatment specifically developed for of telangiectasias caused by venous insufficiency (spider veins)

V Soothing Cream

How to use

  • Apply V Soothing Cream on the whole leg, and massage to facilitate absorption, concentrating application of the product in the area where the spider veins occur.

    Once the product has been absorbed, repeat the application in the same way (Double Application)


  • As always, before using our products the skin must be clean, dry and free of traces of cleansing products.
  • Especially for this treatment, it is necessary to follow the instructions exactly.
  • Noticeable results can already be seen within the first 2 weeks, but it is advisable to continue the treatment for 3-4 weeks. In all cases results can be seen from the first few weeks of treatment.
  • It is good to do treatment cycles of at least a month, 3 times a year.

How much to use

  • Once again, in order to ensure the treatment is effective, a 150 ml tube of V Soothing Cream should be used roughly in a period of not more than 2 weeks. This quantity refers to just one leg

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