Stretch mark treatment

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Stretch Mark Treatment and Prevention

Products required: V10 Oleogel


How to use

  • Apply a generous amount of the product to the area affected by stretch marks (taking the precaution to stretch the skin, where possible, if you are treating long-standing stretch marks) and spread it also on the surrounding area (10 cm around the area to be treated) and massage to facilitate absorption until most of the product has been absorbed
  • Repeat the application using the same quantity of product on the same surface in the same way and massage for a few minutes (double application).
  • This procedure should be carried out twice a day for as long as necessary
  • Wait a few minutes before getting dressed


  • Prevention:
  • When children and adults follow diets, during periods of weight loss, in the period of adolescent development and in all situations which may lead to the formation of stretch marks, apply V10 Oleogel on areas known to be at risk, twice a day for the first two weeks, massaging gently to facilitate absorption and then at least once a day in the following weeks
  • From the third month of pregnancy, apply a generous amount of the product and massage gently for a few minutes. Due to the fact that the skin is stretched, the results should be seen especially rapidly

How much to use

  • Indicatively, to treat an area of 20 square cm effectively, a 150 ml tube of V10 Oleogel should be consumed every 12-15 days

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