Cracked skin treatment

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Treatment and prevention of cracked skin dermatitis on the hands, breastfeeding fissures and anal fissures

V10 Oleogel

How to use

  • In general, apply the V10 Oleogel in a generous amount, massage for a short time to facilitate absorption in the area to be treated and in the area immediately surrounding the area to be treated
  • Repeat the application using the same quantity of product on the same surface in the same way (double application)


  • Breastfeeding fissures
    • For the treatment of breastfeeding fissures, use V10 Oleogel (Note A) on the nipple and the area around it (a radius of at least 3 cm) or on the whole breast if mastitis is ongoing or starting, massage gently for a short time to facilitate absorption
    • The application should be repeated after each feed, for the first month.
    • Before the next feed, simply rinse with water.
    • In the following period, continue the treatment 2 times per day, in the morning and evening until the third month of breastfeeding.


  • Anal fissures
    • For the treatment of anal fissures, apply the product abundantly on the anal orifice and in the peripheral area, using a glove.
    • Apply abundantly on the inside of the anus too and massage to facilitate absorption.
    • Repeat the application (double application).
    • Do this 2 times a day and wait a few minutes before getting dressed.
    • Continue the treatment for at least a week after the problem has been solved, (overall for a total period of 15 days).



Note A

  • For the treatment of breastfeeding fissures, the product should have been absorbed as much as possible before putting on the cup, if they are being used, or before getting dressed (2 – 3 minutes of massage is enough)
  • Once the treatment has been successful, continue for another week

How much to use

  • To solve this problem, a 50 ml tube is all you need.
  • This treatment normalises the sphincter hypertonus

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