Cellulite treatment

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Treatment of cellulite dysmorphisms

V Liposculpture

How to use

  • Apply a quantity of product the size of two walnuts in the morning for a surface area of about 20 cm2 of clean, dry and massage gently for a few minutes
  • Repeat the application in the evening


  • Optimal results are achieved in a very short time, and the effectiveness is immediately noticeable from the very first days of use. Follow the diet recommended by your doctor at the same time if you are overweight
  • Wait for ten minutes after completing the massage before getting dressed (the skin will remain damp for some time anyway)
  • If you take a shower before applying the product, the skin should only be cleansed with bath oils and rinsed thoroughly; do not cleanse the skin with foaming cleansers, for example, shower gel, soaps liquids, etc. Apply the product on clean, dry skin
  • To maintain results, it is recommended that you perform two or more treatment cycles per year lasting 1-2 months each. The product can, however, be used daily for unlimited periods

How much to use

  • Once again, in order to ensure the treatment is effective, a 150 ml tube of V Liposculpture must be used roughly in a period of not more than 10 days

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