Scar treatment

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Treatment and Prevention of abnormal scarring

V10 Oleogel

How to use

  • Apply a generous quantity of V10 Oleogel on the scar and spread it beyond the area to be treated, massaging for a short time to facilitate absorption
  • Repeat the application using the same amount of product on the same surface area in the same way and massage for a short time until this second application has also been absorbed as much as possible (double application)
  • Do this 2 times a day
  • To prevent scars forming, the product can be applied immediately after re-epithelialisation


  • Once the result is achieved, continue using the product for another week

How much to use

  • It depends on the extent of the scar
  • Taking a scar of 7-8 cm as an example, a 50 ml tube of V10 Oleogel should be consumed in a period not exceeding 2 weeks

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