Anti-ageing treatment

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Treatment and prevention of skin ageing


Treatment and prevention of skin ageing

Codexv Trattamento Anti Age

Products required

V10 Oleogel

V1 Moisturising Cream

V2 Wrinkle Cream

V4 Cleansing Milk

How to use

  • Morning
    • In the morning cleanse your face with the V4 cleansing milk, rinse thoroughly with water, dry, then apply the V1 moisturiser on clean, dry skin on the entire face and neck
    • V1 moisturiser can be applied several times a day if necessary Evening
  • evening
    • After the same cleansing routine with V4 cleansing milk, apply V10 Oleogel on clean, dry, skin with no traces of cleanser, and spread the product in a thin layer on the whole face, paying particular attention to the eye area, the area around the mouth and ensuring you apply the product abundantly on the neck, massage gently to encourage absorption
    • After applying and rubbing in the V10 Oleogel, wait a few minutes until the product has been at least partially absorbed
    • Apply the V2 wrinkle cream on the same surface area and in the same way, paying particular attention to the eye area and the neck.


  • The products must be left to act overnight and the treated part must only be rinsed the next morning, before the new application of V1 moisturising cream
  • In the morning, when you wake up, you will notice a patina on the face: it is the vehicle of the V10 Oleogel. When you cleanse the face with the V4 cleansing milk and then with water, that patina will disappear leaving a pleasant sensation of firmness, hydration and freshness
  • Firming, hydration and toning effects are already noticeable within the first few weeks, and optimal results are observed within the first two months. In the following months, the improvement is continuous and progressive
  • Treatment can be continued for life
  • In general, V10 Oleogel should be applied to clean, dry skin, massaging gently to facilitate absorption. If this is done, the product is quickly absorbed

Amount to be use

  • In order for our products and treatments to produce the desired effects, it is important that the correct amount as described in the instructions for use is used. Otherwise, there will be a marked improvement but not the desired effect
  • After age 40, the average quantity to be used is at least a tube of each individual product (V1 50 ml – V2 50 ml – V10 150 ml) every 2 weeks
  • If smaller quantities are used, an insufficient quantity of product will be applied; on the other hand, larger quantities may be used or, better still, each single product may be used several times a day in complete safety and indeed, this is desirable after age 50 and for areas that quickly deteriorate such as the neck, the eye area and the lower part of the face, especially the area below the cheeks and around the lips

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