Seborrheic skin treatment

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Specific treatment for seborrheic skin

Protocollo specifico per le cuti seborroiche

Products required

V10 Oleogel

V9 Eutrophic Cutaneous Emulsion

V4 Cleansing Milk

How to use

  • Morning: Apply V4 cleansing milk by spreading the product with your hands (not with cotton wool)
  • After 15-30 seconds, rinse thoroughly with water
  • Dry
  • On clean skin, free of traces of cleansing products, apply V9 skin eutrophic emulsion on the same area
  • Evening: Cleanse in the same way with V4 cleansing milk, the apply a good amount of V10 Oleogel.
  • Massage into the skin to facilitate absorption.

In this treatment, the products must not be replaced because each one has its own specific function


  • After 3-4 weeks the application of V10 Oleogel can be reduced to 3-4 times a week, while continuing to apply V9 skin eutrophic emulsion every morning
  • We should like to specify that cleansing with the V4 cleansing milk, which is a moisturizer and mycotic and microbial growth inhibitor, is essential before applying our products

How much to use

  • Once again, in order to ensure the treatment is effective, a 150 ml tube of V10 Oleogel should be used roughly in a period of not more than 2 weeks.

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