Young skin treatment

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Young Skin Moisturising Treatment

Products required

V4 Cleansing Milk

V1 Moisturising Cream

How to use

  • Morning: Apply V4 cleansing milk by spreading the product with your fingers over the entire surface of the face, neck and décolleté
    • Rinse with water
    • Dry
    • Apply V1 moisturising cream on the same surface area
  • Night: Follow the same procedure as the morning



  • In this treatment, the products must not be replaced because each one has its own specific function
  • This treatment is generally sufficient for young people with any skin type (dry, sensitive, reactive)
  • V1 is able to activate the endogenous mechanisms which are the same for any type of skin

How much to use

  • Once again, in order to ensure the treatment is effective a 50 ml tube of V1 Moisturising Cream should be consumed in a period not exceeding 2 weeks

Additional information

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