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Codex V was founded in 1997 on the basis of an idea of researchers in different scientific areas with the aim of using a multidisciplinary Endocrine, Immune and Metabolic approach to dealing with ageing, providing a consequential aesthetic result.

A new approach requires a new starting point, in other words, we must stop considering the skin as a simple “barrier” between the body and the outside world and to start viewing it as a real system, the most extensive of all, with a multiple endocrine, immune and neurological nature.

The results of these studies have generated 12 international patents and the consequent line of products on the market since 1997, which are still on sale.



3 reasons for choosing Codex V



Every Codex V product is designed, formulated and manufactured with a single purpose, that is to achieve the maximum result possible in the shortest possible time


The individual characteristics of the products are optimised by the way they are used together in our treatments that should be carried out by adhering strictly to the instructions. Acne-prone skin, seborrheic skin form only a part of the groups we target; find out more about all of them.

12 International patents

Since 1997 Codex V has started cadenced filing of international patents alongside its research work and it invests a large part of its resources in creating revolutionary innovative products in the sector: in other words, our future patents

12 international
400+ scientific
20+ years of experience the effects of ageing solve We successfully


We help you choose the right products based on your needs

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